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BSB's AJ McClean Stops By The Sound for a Q&A

It's not every day that a pop star stops by for an intimate conversation, so when AJ McLean from The Backstreet Boys came by on Monday, July 29, 2019, it was a HUGE treat! He could not have been sweeter or easier to talk to. To top it off, a group of very lucky Sound Listeners were able to be a... Read More

Meet Blanco, The Legendary Costco Cart

Supported by Every neighborhood needs an icon. West Seattle has its Statue Of Liberty, Freemont has its Troll and Vashonites are proud of that bike in that tree. Woodinville has its wineries , so it didn't really need anything else to brag about, but don't tell that to fans of Blanco... Read More
Sockeye salmon

How Pike Place Chowder is keeping seafood sustainable

We love our seafood here in the Northwest, but deep down inside we know there's not necessarily an unlimited bounty of aquatic life out there. Larry Mellum knows that better than most of us -- he's the owner and founder of Seattle's award-winning Pike Place Chowder . In 2018, Larry and Riley Starks... Read More

Watch it now -- CATS movie trailer has everybody talking

First of all, that picture isn't actually from the movie. But it is arriving just before Christmas and it's already generating controversy. The film version of CATS stars Judy Dench, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba and pretty much every other actor you care about. People are... Read More

Sniffspot: Where Apartment Dogs Who Hate Dog Parks Can Run Free

Supported by When you're a dog owner living in an apartment, the dog park is pretty much your only option for off-leash fun for your pooch. But what if your dog doesn't do well in dog parks? There's a new app for that. Sniffspot matches homeowners with yards/land with dog owners who... Read More