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What does it take to become a word of the decade (and sometimes beyond)? Think of some of the words that came into our vernacular as part of a social movement. “Cool” has been incredibly durable, perhaps the all-time champion of such words. The modern colloquial use of the word “cool” bubbled up in... Read More
Dawson with a snow saucer

Where to take the family sledding or tubing around the Sound

We've had a taste of real winter around here, and even though it tends to wreak havoc with the commute, our jobs, our kids' school schedules, the garbage pickup, and countless other aspects of modern life, we do know one thing -- there's snow in the mountains now. You and your family may be skiers... Read More
Movie theater showing Parasite

John says go see Parasite -- it's going to win an Oscar

The Oscar nominations won’t be announced until Monday (January 13.) But I can tell you right now that a prime Best Picture contender (and probably a top Foreign Film candidate, too) will be Parasite . Take it to the bank. Although its title makes it sound a little like some kind of horror film in... Read More
John and a martini

Dry January: Who's in? John is, and so far it's not easy

Dry January. You probably know someone who's doing it. Maybe you're doing it yourself. For some people, it's a traditional reset after New Year's Eve that clears your head and cleanses your body as you launch another year. For others, it's one part of a New Year's resolution to lose weight, get fit... Read More
2019 into 2020


How many words can you make from the letters in RESOLVE ? According to official Words With Friends judges (who else would you trust in these times) you can fashion 95 legit words from RESOLVE. For Resolution Week, look for hidden keywords among those 95 to inspire you. Like SOLVE (address a nagging... Read More
Rib Roast

Planning a Christmas Rib Roast?

With all the grocery ads showing these beautiful holiday rib roast creations at a fraction of their regular non-holiday prices, I have been sufficiently tempted to take the plunge. Do I have the time? Do I have the skills? Yes...and YES! Because I have a slow-cooker and a couple of days left. I... Read More

Tacoma Home & Garden Show

Get expert advice for your next home project at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show, January 23-26, 2020 at the Tacoma Dome. Discover the latest home trends and get practical advice from hundreds of experts. From kitchens and baths to flooring and landscaping, find great deals, new ideas, and... Read More