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Christmas tree

When's the Christmas tree lighting going to happen near you?

It starts right after Thanksgiving and it happens right on into the first week of December. I'm talking about Christmas tree lighting, and here's where it's happening, from Olympia to Mountlake Terrace and everywhere in between. Click the link for each city to get all the times and details. 11/29... Read More
Delilah at Christmas

Delilah's Acts Of Christmas Kindness

Showing kindness is always appropriate, especially at the holidays. Let’s put those words into action. I would like to offer a Gift of Christmas Kindness to someone close to you. Perhaps you have a family member, a friend or co-worker who could use a show of gratitude at the holidays. Pass their... Read More
Turkey with stuffing

To Stuff or Not To Stuff

Should you cook your stuffing inside the bird or outside? Well first, if it’s done IN the turkey, it is called stuffing, because you do indeed stuff it into the cavity of the turkey. If you do it OUTSIDE the turkey, then you call it dressing. Whether it’s bread stuffing or Wild rice dressing... Read More

Needed: Building tradespeople to help our friends at Make-A-Wish

Here's a holiday-season opportunity to help kids in need, but it's not the usual send-us-your-money request. I'm reaching out specifically to contractors and tradespeople in the building industry. You might have heard me talk before about the great organization Make-A-Wish and everything they do to... Read More
Seattle In Winter

94 Holiday Things-To-Do Around The Sound

Tree Lightings Festival of Trees Display November 23 - Dec. 4, 2019 View 20 designer trees in the lobby and driveway of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel during the annual free Christmas tree festival. Also consider the ticketed gala (Nov. 23), free family celebration (Nov. 24), and free teddy bear suite... Read More
Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Holiday Food Blog: Annie's Famous Brussels Sprouts

We have a faithful 94.1 The Sound listener who recently had her whole family together and celebrated an early Thanksgiving. She shared her famous vegetable recipe with V’s Holiday Food Blog! “I'm known for my Brussels Sprouts. I have to make them for my family very often and am asked for family... Read More

Holiday Food Blog: The Fruitcake

Happy holidays to you all! I’m Veronica and many of you know me because I am the Prize Lady. I’m the one who calls to say you won a great prize from 94.1 The Sound! This holiday season I will be blogging about FOOD. Who doesn’t love that? Not just food we serve at the holidays, but family... Read More