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Mac Davis & Helen Reddy

Farewell to two 70s music icons: Helen Reddy & Mac Davis

Two icons of 70s pop have died, on the same day, at the same age. The Australian singer Helen Reddy, who gave us the 70's feminist anthem "I Am Woman" and a string of other hits, died on Tuesday; she was 78. And I would guess that back in the day many young girls saw more possibilities for... Read More
Pumpkin patch

Where to find a pumpkin patch in Seattle and around the Sound

Halloween is coming. You can tell when you enter any drug store, grocery store, or hardware store -- Halloween props and yard decorations and trick or treat paraphernalia are everywhere. Unfortunately, there are some issues with trick or treating this year. The latest recommendation is not to trick... Read More
Woman running in autumn

Join us for Autism Speaks: The 5K that runs on kindness

This year has been challenging in so many ways, for so many people. But I'm constantly impressed -- or maybe "overwhelmed" is a better word -- at the people I cross paths with who have made a decision to move things forward, to help others, to take steps big or small that improve the quality of... Read More
John on a bike ride

Last chance to support John in the 2020 Bike MS Ride

It's almost here! On Saturday, September 26, I'm joining thousands of others around the country for Bike MS. Unlike years past, when a whole swarm of cyclists all converged on a single route to ride the country roads way up in the north Sound, this year we're all on our own. We pick the length of... Read More