Alone on Christmas

Vlad Teodor |

Alone for the holidays? You're not alone

Alone for the holidays? You're not alone

December 19, 2018

The reasons someone may find themselves alone on Christmas are as varied as snowflakes. For me, it began when my daughter's father and I divorced. We decided on the "every other year" option; one year she'd spend Christmas with her dad and the next year she'd be with me. I had some wonderful friends who took pity on me and insisted that I join them while Katy was with her dad, but I always declined. The first year felt more strange than sad, but I knew that this was going to be how it was every other year from now on and I'd better figure out a way to handle it. I decided to volunteer to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so a couple of our part-timers could be with their families. The next Christmas alone I spent an entire 48 hours in my pajamas reading the book that had been given to me the Christmas before. As the years went by, my "off" Christmases were treated as just a nice day to myself. This year will be no exception, but since it's my first Christmas in Seattle, I might use the day doing more exploring. I might try some of the ideas I came across on one of my favorite sites for loners, which suggests putting a few Christmas ornaments in a neighbor's mailbox, volunteering time to those less fortunate, give small gifts to random strangers or I might go online and buy myself a special present. Whatever I decide on doing (or not doing), I plan on having mySELF a Merry Little Christmas and I hope you do, too. 

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