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Christmas Trees Are Going To The Goats

Here's something fun to do with your dead Christmas Tree

December 27, 2018

I'm always amused to learn new ways of re-purposing things, so when I found out that some people are giving their dead Christmas trees to goats, I just had to share the idea with you. As it happens, goats (and deer, for that matter) LOVE pine needles and they're actually good for them. If there's a farm or petting zoo near you that has goats, give them a call to see if they want your Christmas tree. Before you do, make sure your tree is a Blue spruce, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Scotch pine or White pine and completely free of all tinsel/decorations. If the goat owners agree, bring it by and watch the fun unfold!

Okay, not all of us are going to give our trees to goats. Not nearly as fun as giving them to goats, but you could:

Cut off branches and lay them over your perennials to protect them from the cold.

Make a bird sanctuary.

Mulch it.

Chip it.

Cut off parts of the trunk into thin slices, sand them down, coat them with polyurethane and make coasters.

If that's all a bit much for ya, put it on the curb. Your city will pick it up. Check here for instructions from each city/town King County.