Holiday stress

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Do the holidays stress you out?

November 26, 2018

If you feel holiday burn out, you're not alone. According to a recent study, 68% of us find Thanksgiving through Christmas/Hanukkah to be a stressful time and 36% of Americans have already had enough of all things "ho ho ho" by mid-December. 

What is it about the Season that stresses us out and what can we do about it? Here's the break-down:

The average American will spend 38 hours getting ready or preparing for the holiday season in some fashion. The biggest chunk of that time is spent shopping, which takes up a little more than 13 hours.

The average American will spend nine hours and 17 minutes in the kitchen, another nine hours are spent planning for the holidays, with an additional seven hours devoted to decorating.

Other numbers from the study:

We will endure three awkward jokes from family members.

We will get asked three personal questions about our love lives by family members.

We will get into four arguments with family members.

We will eat “too much” six times.


Shopping 65%

Crowds 63%

Long lines 58%

Buying presents 51%

Cooking 48%

Knowing what gifts to buy people 46%

Constantly hearing holiday music 45% (which is why we reserve The Sound of Christmas for weekends only :) )

The pressure of making Christmas day special 44%

Constantly seeing holiday commercials on TV 36%

Wrapping presents 34%


A nap 51%

Relaxing in my bedroom 45%

Break from family 44%

Listen to music 41%

Getting out of the house 40%

Take a walk 39%

Reading 33%

Taking time for hobbies 26%

Watching favorite festive movie 25%

Seeing friends 24%