Supporting Future Survivors


Honor Breast Cancer Survivors With Your Voice And Our Music

Know Someone Who Is Fighting The Good Fight?

September 25, 2019

Anyone who has undergone treatment for Breast Cancer can tell you that sometimes it's the little things that got them through. A laugh, a smile, a hug or even a song can go a long way. We'd like to help you encourage or honor your friend, loved one or co-worker who has either fought the good fight and won or who might still be undergoing treatment. We're not raising money. Our goal is to simply raise the spirits of women all over The Sound who are Fighting The Good Fight (we like to call them "Future Survivors") or the survivors who have beaten this devastating disease.

Interested in learning more? 

Drop me an email at and please tell me a little bit about who you'd like to honor. Please provide YOUR contact info, and you and I will get started! If it Sounds a bit mysterious here, it'll all make sense once you get in touch. You will love it, and I promise, so will your friend.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!