Let's Play Kickball!

April 17, 2019

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I read somewhere that the key to happiness is to do something that puts you in touch with your 10-year-old self at least once a week. Riding a bike or swinging on a swing can make you feel like a kid again. And so can playing a game of kickball.

Today is National Kickball Day and, being new here, I wondered if there were any adult kickball games happening around The Sound. Holy Moly, there are a lot of kickball games going on! The nice thing about most adult kickball leagues is that you can join as an individual if you're new to town and haven't made any friends yet, or if none of your friends feel like playing kickball. Where are the games happening? Pretty much all over The Sound, from Bellingham to Tacoma and certainly all around Seattle. 

Wanna play? Here are a bunch of links to help you find the league/team that's right for you. 

Kickball - Comeback Sports Tacoma

Seattle Kickball League - Volo City 

GO Kickball Seattle 

Spring Coed Kickball - Bellevue 

Adaptive Kickball - Redmond 

Spring Eastside Kickball - Redmon


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