Meet Blanco, The Legendary Costco Cart

Once upon a time at Costco In Woodinville

July 30, 2019

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Every neighborhood needs an icon. West Seattle has its Statue Of Liberty, Freemont has its Troll and Vashonites are proud of that bike in that tree. Woodinville has its wineries, so it didn't really need anything else to brag about, but don't tell that to fans of Blanco The Legendary Costco Cart.

At the moment, Blanco's fame and notoriety is pretty much confined to the fine people of Woodinville, where it's the topic of discussion over back yard fences or on the Woodinville Neighbors group on Facebook, but I'm hoping to change that. The world needs to know about Blanco because the world needs a little sweetness and joy right now.


A few years ago, the Costco store in Woodinville got a new shipment of shiny new steel-colored shopping carts. All of the old bruised, battered and floppy-wheeled white ones were gathered up and carted off to the great cart carousel in the sky. But they missed one. Just as customers started breaking in the new carts, a sharp-eyed Costco cart-pusher spotted a lone cart from the old batch way out at the end of the parking lot. Under a tree. Near the freeway. Since all new Costco employees start out in the "carts and boxes" department, this particular newbie, eager to impress his new boss, retrieved the old white cart and brought it back into the store to mingle with the other carts. That's when Blanco got its name and became a game. Any cart pusher who was caught bringing Blanco back into the store got a piece of candy from the boss. This went on for about a year before the cashiers wanted a piece of the action. The game was expanded to include a piece of chocolate to any cashier who was spotted with Blanco coming through his/her lane.


As word about Blanco started trickling out into the Woodinville community at large, shoppers who found themselves at their neighborhood Costco would look for the cart to snap selfies with it. Blanco recently got its own Facebook page that already has over 12 hundred followers. And if that's not enough, Blanco was just invited by city officials to be in the Woodinville Festival Parade on August 17th.

If you happen to bump into Blanco The Legendary Costco Cart, please let us know!

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