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Sniffspot: Where Apartment Dogs Who Hate Dog Parks Can Run Free

New App Matches Homeowners With Yards To Apartment Dwellers' Dogs

July 18, 2019

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When you're a dog owner living in an apartment, the dog park is pretty much your only option for off-leash fun for your pooch. But what if your dog doesn't do well in dog parks? There's a new app for that. Sniffspot matches homeowners with yards/land with dog owners who want to give their pets some stress-free off-leash time. 

Sniffspot founder David Adams says he came up with the idea after he moved back to Seattle and into a 7th-floor apartment and realizing that dog parks weren't a good option for his dog (she was bitten by another dog and I don't blame him for never wanting to go back). As new as the app is, there are already several Sniffspots all over The Sound, along the route down to Portland and even one (so far) in Spokane. 

What's the cost?

Most Sniffspots are fenced-in yards and cost about $5 an hour. For bigger spaces, like a few acres of land, the cost goes up to $10 an hour or so.

Check to see if there's a Sniffspot near you here

Are you a dog-loving homeowner with a yard or some land looking to make a few extra bucks by becoming a host? Click here  

I see that there aren't any listed in Newcastle, where I live, so I posted a gentle hint to homeowners in my neighborhood's Facebook group and am crossing my fingers in hopes that someone will want to be a Sniffspot host. 

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