Teddy at Newcastle Beach Park

Jeanne Ashley took this photo

Teddy Discovers Newcastle Beach Park

Teddy makes a new friend at his new favorite spot

November 13, 2018

While I haven't lived here very long, I learned right away that when the sun is shining, I'd better get outside to enjoy it. This past weekend was no exception. My dog Teddy and I have gotten lots of suggestions for dog-friendly restaurants/pubs, but I figured I'd save those for a rainy day. Saturday morning was perfect for a stroll through a park. Newcastle Beach Park is not far from my home, but we hadn't yet had the chance to check it out. I double checked online to make sure dogs were allowed and learned that they're welcome only in the cooler months when the beach is closed and that they should be leashed. 

We seemed to be the only ones there when we arrived before 9:00 AM. After a while, we were joined near the dock by a sweet lady named Vicky and her adorable doggo, Valentino. Vicky is a regular there and gave me permission to let Teddy off the leash. She seemed to be an authority on the subject, so I let him loose. Being a mama's boy, he never strays far away from me, but I kept the leash ready to put back on him should other people/dogs arrive. 

Vicky was kind enough to offer a treat to Teddy, which he politely accepted and went to the "comfort station" to eat it in private. 

I hope to see Vicky and Valentino out there again sometime. They made our beautiful Saturday morning stroll all the more special.