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Viaductadoom: Look at it like it's an adventure

We'll be OK if we work as a team

January 8, 2019

Viaductadoom looms with the closure of the viaduct this Friday night. The city's been abuzz about it for months with officials imploring both commuters and their employers to PLEASE have a plan. We've been told to take vacations, adjust our work schedules, work from home, car-pool, take the bus, ride a bike or hoof it for the next few weeks. No matter how much we plan to navigate the city, we have to remember "We're all in this together" and we're going to have to work as a team. In fact, just thinking about it that way makes it seem more like an adventure than something to dread. Before you call me crazy, I have some things I've noticed about Seattleites to back me up.

*Nice Driving - One of the first things I noticed after moving here is how nice the drivers are. John Fisher, who's lived here forever, disagrees, but that's because he hasn't spent the last 10 years driving in Miami, where it's not unusual for a driver to simply back up on the highway when he/she's missed the exit. I've found that drivers here generally use their blinkers, give room for you to merge in and aren't as aggressive as other cities I've lived in.

*Sense of Community - Another thing to love about Seattle is the communal atmosphere. I think it comes with the fact that Seattleites truly love their city and defend it's "coolness" with a vengeance. 

*Patient People - Seattleites don't seem to mind waiting in lines. I've noticed this at the grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and even at the airport. 

So, if we combine all of these fine qualities with the suggestion that Viaductadoom could be an adventure we can all share in, I think we'll be okay.

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