Snow plows

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Know which roads will be plowed before it snows again

Know which roads will be plowed before it snows again

February 6, 2019

It only takes a little snow and ice to cause all kinds of trouble around The Sound. Because real snow events are so rare around here, local municipalities don't think it would be cost effective to maintain a huge fleet of snow plows. "They'll get here when they get here," is pretty much how we handle the plow situation. What our local governments lack in actual snow plows they make up for in "snow plow maps", which allow us to see where the plows go first. My favorite of all of these maps is the one put out by SDOT because it shows, in real time, where the plows have been in the last 1 to 12 hours. Seattle DOT's map also features traffic cams, which are always fun (especially when they're covered in snow).

To see a map of where you live/work, click any of the links below:



Greater King County 


Greater Pierce County - while there is no "snow plow map" on their site, they describe which roadways take priority in snow/ice removal

Greater Snohomish County 

City Of Everett's Snow Removal Plan

If you are a homeowner, you are required by law to keep your sidewalks shoveled/clear of ice. 

If you rent an apartment that's part of a complex, check your lease. Your apartment's management may be responsible for snow removal in your parking lots.