Farewell to two 70s music icons: Helen Reddy & Mac Davis

One had a hit with a feminist anthem, the other was a singer who wrote songs for Elvis

September 30, 2020
Mac Davis & Helen Reddy

Mac: © Frank Empson, Helen: © Jack Corn / The Tennessean via Imagn Content Services, LLC


Two icons of 70s pop have died, on the same day, at the same age.

The Australian singer Helen Reddy, who gave us the 70's feminist anthem "I Am Woman" and a string of other hits, died on Tuesday; she was 78. And I would guess that back in the day many young girls saw more possibilities for themselves as they sang along to "I Am Woman" on the AM radio.

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And Mac Davis -- a legendary country/pop singer and songwriter -- died too, on the same day. He had his own run of hits, but he first got famous writing songs for Elvis Presley like "A Little Less Conversation" and "In The Ghetto." He was also 78.

RIP to both of these 70s icons. Their music lives on.