Adele begins writing new music -- an album's coming in 2019

She's already written some songs for the followup to her 2015 album "25"

June 26, 2018



When every album you release is a blockbuster, you take your time creating them.

So now comes word that nearly four years after her last release, 25, Adele is working on the followup, which will drop next year if everything goes as planned. According to The Sun in the U.K., the 30-year-old singer has met with record label executives in London to outline her plan: Write songs this summer, line up musicians to join her for recording sessions in the fall and winter and into next year, and release a new album by Christmas 2019. 

Adele has a five-year-old son, Angelo, who's been the focus of her attention, especially since wrapping up her tour in 2016. Back then she told fans to expect a long break before she returned with new music and a tour. And you may remember that last year she had to cancel two big shows at Wembly Stadium because of vocal cord damage.

The 25 album has sold 20 million copies worldwide, and she remains one of the most-streamed artists in the world. The two big questions are: When she finally announces a tour, will it come to Seattle? And  . . . . Since she'll turn 31 on May 5 of next year, will she call the album 31?