Airport food! Yum! Where to eat when you're stuck at Sea-Tac

A meal at the airport may not be your favorite thing, but we have some pretty good choices at Sea-Tac

June 20, 2018
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It's probably not your first choice of dining options, but Sea-Tac's actually got some pretty decent food.

Our airport has been upping its restaurant game, and you, the frazzled summertime traveler, are the winner. Where to Eat at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Summer 2018 is a story from Eater Seattle that runs down some of the best choices right now. 

Some highlights:

  • Vino Volo. I'm a big fan of this chain of wine bars in airports around the country. The one at Sea-Tac has a nice selection of Washington wines by the glass, or they can pack up a bottle for you, ready to take on the plane and present to whoever you're flying across the country to visit -- a nice Seatle souvenir. Oh, and they have Beecher's mac 'n' cheese. Enough said.
  • Floret. Just what the airport needed to balance out all that greasy fast food. As Eater says; " . . . this lovely spin-off of renowned Seattle vegetarian and vegan restaurant Cafe Flora is a lesson in what airport dining should be. Sit-down options include biscuits with mushroom gravy, breakfast scrambles, Oaxacan tacos, and a mushroom French dip with yam fries." They also package a lot of stuff to take and eat on the plane, and they have a full bar that whips up house-made sodas and shrubs in addition to the hard stuff. Nice.
  • Rel'Lish Burger Lounge. The newest effort from tireless Seattle chef Kathy Casey. This is a cut above all the other fast-food burger spots. Eater says, "Six burgers sport eyebrow-raising toppings like cheddar ale spread and hot Cheetos or banh mi fixings, while the excessive cheeseburger-inspired soup is heaped with fries and pickles." They also do a variety of breakfast sandwiches and . . . wait for it: The "Rel’Lish Bloody Mary made with Oola’s Aloo vodka and garnished with a pickled Washington green bean, asparagus, and pepper — pepperoni straw optional." You might just miss your flight.

Check out the whole list here, and you won't be so depressed next time your flight's a couple of hours late.

Safe travels!