Apply for a job at Taco Time and you might win a new car!

PNW-based Taco Time is sweetening the pot in hopes that you'll apply for one of 350 available jobs

May 15, 2018
Job application

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Apply for a job, win a car? Northwest-based Taco Time really wants you to consider joining their team.

Taco Time is looking to hire 350 people, so they're hosting a one-day Job Fair this Thursday, May 17 at 56 participating Puget Sound area Taco Time restaurants, with open interviews for all positions from 7-10a.m. and 2-5p.m. 

"Hey," you say, "I'd love to work at Taco Time, but I don't have a car to get to work." Well think about this -- someone who applies at Thursday's job fair will win a new Toyota Prius. As a company spokesperson said, "With unemployment rates low, great employees are hard to find, so Taco Time is sweetening the pot with chance to win a brand-new Toyota Prius for anyone who applies" at their one-day job fair.

Grab the details at their website, and good luck!