Beat the heat at these cool ice cream spots in Seattle

Since you probably don't have A/C, cool yourself from the inside out with some frosty cold ice cream

June 19, 2018
Ice cream

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House too hot? This is your chance -- step outside and go get some ice cream, guilt-free.

Just as Seattle was out front with the trend toward indy gourmet coffee shops, we're ahead of the curve when it comes to indy, handcrafted, local ice cream. And what better time to sample it than during an early summer heat wave?

The website Eater Seattle, always on top of things when it comes to food in the Puget Sound area, just put out The Coolest Seattle Ice Cream Shops, Summer 2018. This is just what we need right about now. My 6-year-old son is always content just to hit Menchie's but a) that's really for kids and b) that's not actually ice cream. So let's get to the list of ice cream shops for us grown-ups. Here are a few highlights:

  • In my neighborhood, West Seattle, the go-to spot for nearly a century has been Husky Deli.As the story says, they continue to serve "dozens of flavors, from the expected chocolate and vanilla to the more outlandish licorice or Swiss chocolate orange. This place is the best kind of throwback."
  • Capitol Hill is crawling with hip gourmet ice cream spots, but one of the best is Kurt Farm Shop. It's about as local as it comes, because the owner "sources the milk from his own cows on Vashon Island, and makes flavors like Flora’s Cheese, which (no joke) has pieces of cheese in it for an oddly compelling treat."
  • Up north in Seattle's Greenwood/Phinney Ridge neighborhood, a.k.a. "Phinneywood," there's one of three Nutty Quirrel Gelato locations. The selection's different at all three. As Eater says, "The original location is a highlight of Maple Valley, the second fits neatly into Phinney Ridge’s lineup of local businesses, and the third venue, in Magnolia, even has a peekaboo window for fans to watch the homemade gelato coming out of the batch freezer in the kitchen."

It's a long list, so go to the full story here and enjoy the sinful, frosty goodness while you can still justify it by saying, "come on, it's 88 degress out there!"