Behind the scenes with John & Jeanne, first thing in the morning

While we're sipping our first cups of coffee, we invite you to join us on Facebook Live first thing in the morning

September 4, 2019
John & Jeanne in the studio

John (it's kind of a 2-person selfie)


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Jeanne and I get up at zero-dark-thirty so we can be awake and on the air when you get up and ready for work. We sit in the studio, click through our news feeds on our computers, and chat about what's happening in the Northwest and the world, thinking about what might be fun to talk about and share with you on the air. Sometimes we get into strange and entertaining conversations and we say to ourselves, "This should be on the air." To be honest, it probably shouldn't be on the air -- our early-morning random conversation is probably not as compelling as a good song by Lionel Richie or Ed Sheeran. 

HOWEVER -- we figured there may be a few people scrolling through Facebook first thing in the morning who might like a peek behind the scenes, so we've started a Facebook Live feed around 5:15-5:30 in the morning. While we have our first cup of coffee and try to make sense of the day, you can eavesdrop on our casual chit chat and even message us if you'd like to join the convo.

Here's the link to our first one. (Our "pilot" FB Live broadcast.) If you're an earlybird, join us after 5am for our first cup of coffee!


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