Family fall fun! Where to pick your own apples around the Sound

It may not officially be autumn, but hey, it's close enough, and when there's a chill in the air, an apple orchard is a perfect place to be

September 10, 2018
Apple orchard

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Now that summer's winding down and it's getting a little bit autumny out there, it's time to find things to do to replace all those sunny outdoor activites that carried us through the last few months. Gee, it felt like summer would never end, didn't it? But eventually the blue sky makes way for gray and the chill in the air never goes away. What to do? How about layering up, putting on some rugged footwear, and heading out to pick your own apples?

As always, I found a great list of places to pick your own, courtesy of Red Tricycle Seattle.

From Bellingham to Olympia, and across the state to Yakima and Wenatchee, there are orchards galore where you can tote a basket between the trees and fill it with all the crisp, sweet, fresh apples you can carry.

It's probably going to involve a bit of a drive no matter where you are around the Sound, but there's a good apple-picking destination in pretty much any direction. Sedro-Wooley (Jones Creek Farms), Ferndale, (Apple Creek Orchards),  Snohomish (The Farm at Swan's Trail) . . . . all great destinations for picking, and as this article points out, Wenatchee is really Washington State's apple capital. Oh wait, check that -- it's . . . . 

the “Apple Capital of the World” – a mere three-hour drive from Seattle. Check the Pick-Your-Own website for places to go, and always call ahead to make sure your visit coincides with pickin’ time.

I mean, come on -- the Apple Capital of the World is a car ride away? How could you not?

Hey, the Seahawks only play once a week, so you're going to have to fill the rest of your autumn with something. Get the crew together, do some picking, take that bushel basket home and whip up a couple of pies or a few gallons of cider or apple wine? Sure, why not?  Note that some of these places don't ramp up until the end of September, but that's not too far from now. It just depends on when the apples decide they're ready to come down from the trees.

Here's that website with the full story.

Have fun!