Father's Day is Sunday! What to get for Dad?

You can splurge, you can DIY, you can pamper him, you can just give him a thoughtful card. Here are some gift ideas for the big guy.

June 17, 2020
Father's Day

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As a father myself, I don't expect anything too elaborate on Father's Day, especially since my birthday is earlier in June, so I'm just recovering from all the attention I got on that holiday.

But sure, it's nice to feel the love from your family, and show it to the father(s) in your life.

So let's take a quick run through some good lists of cool things for Dad. Most of these aren't at budget-busting price points, but I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't spend on Dad.

For me, a card is just fine . . . It's just nice to feel the love.

The Best Unique Father’s Day Gifts Under $50 (courtesy of the website Fatherly) is heavy on food, drink, and outdoor activity-related gifts. A set of hand-blown whiskey glasses with a topographic impression of Alaska's Denali in the bottom of the glass is a whole new way to serve Scotch on the rocks. A beautiful, minimalist corkscrew will get the job done if he's a wine guy. And then there's the Jerky Cannon -- sure, it looks like a caulking gun, but you fill it with meat and it squirts out flat or round jerky snacks. Genius!

Keep it local with King 5's 6 ideas for Father's Day from Northwest makers. How about a superhero portrait of Dad? Send a photo to Nolan Harris, a nationally renowned caricature artist from Shoreline, and he'll transform Pops into a mighty superhero. (Or even more of a mighty superhero than he already is.) Woodinville Whiskey can custom engrave one of their bottles with whatever you want to say in laser-etched text. I'm guessing there's actually whiskey inside the bottle, too. And whoa, how cool is this: Mack Provisions in Port Angeles makes leather wallets out of old baseball mitts. They look weathered and awesome, and every one is unique.

I was surprised to discover that The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad from Forbes contains some relatively affordable items. (Normally I think of Forbes as catering to the Bill Gates/Warren Buffett crowd.) There's a $28 hammock, a $50 rechargeable camp lantern, and a $35 portable golf putting mat. Of course, there's also a $115 Pendleton beach throw blanket, a $200 heated Gillette razor, and $349 Bose Bluetooth headphones. So you figure it out.

My son often has a very clear idea in his mind when it comes to gifts for me or his mother. That's how I wound up with a magnetic plaque for my refrigerator that's a picture of a spider spinning a web, and it says, "I made this with my butt." That's the gift that keeps on giving. If you'd like to let your kid browse some possibilities, try 33 thoughtful Father's Day gifts the kids can give Dad this year courtesy of the Today Show. There's a fill-in-the-black storybook called What I Love About Dad. A custom silver or gold keychain, or a personalized mug, that's adorned with artwork from your child. A Mrs. Field's customized cookie tin with artwork and a message from the kids. (And . . . cookies, of course.)  A portable car vac, a tie box that's actually filled with jerky, and the Friday Night Football candle -- it smells like "crisp cedar, grass and buttery popcorn, combining every element of the game into one scent that’s a trip down memory lane." For real.

Along those same lines, if you and your family are crafty, check out 24 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas That Are Easy Enough for Kids to Make. From Good Housekeeping, you get tips for making clever and simple gifts with easy-to-find materials, like a personalized grill spatula, a "building memories" jar made with Legos and a marker, a bottle of homemade pre-shave oil, or a creative twist on a Father's Day cliche -- a tie you made yourself.

Bottom line: I'm pretty sure Dad will appreciate any gesture, big or small, so don't sweat it too much. And Happy Father's Day!