Where to hike and see a waterfall around the Sound

Hiking is fun, but it's a bonus when there's a waterfall at the end of the trail

July 9, 2018

© Alesu77 | Dreamstime.com

What's better than a hike in the PNW? A hike to a waterfall.

We're in the heart of the summer outdoor recreation season around the Sound, so chances are you're going to be out there somehow, somewhere, sometime. If you're having a hard time persuading the family to put on the trail shoes and head for the mountains, maybe you can entice them with the prospect of a fresh, cool, spectacular waterfall on the hike.

The family-friendly website Red Tricycle put together a handy list of a dozen places where you and your crew can take an easy hike -- in most cases no more than a couple of miles -- and somewhere along that trail you can stop and take in the sight and the spray of a clear, cool, fresh waterfall splashing down a mountainside.  The post, Hit the Trails: 12 Easy Waterfall Hikes to Take Now, starts with probably the best-known waterfall around here, and thanks to Twin Peaks, one of the most familiar to TV viewers everywhere: Snoqualmie Falls. After you hike, you can always refuel in the town of Snoqualmie, or go all fancy at Salish Lodge if you've got some extra money burning a hole in the pocket of your REI hiking shorts.

Other highlights on the list: Boulder River Trail near Arlington, the stunning five-tier Wallace Falls near Gold Bar off of Highway 2, and a whole assortment of cool spots on and around Mt. Rainier.

We're about to have hot, sunny weather for days, so if hiking in the heat seems a little daunting, maybe you just need to find a trail where you'll get a nice spritz along the way! 

Here's the full story. Don't forget the sunscreen!