Stuck at Sea-Tac? At least there's lots of good food to choose from

Sea-Tac is upping its culinary game, so from gourmet burgers to veggie fare, your food choices are better than ever

December 11, 2018
Sea-Tac Airport

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It's that time of year -- you're flying out to see family or heading out for a holiday getaway, and the east coast is having a blizzard so your flight's in limbo and you're stuck at the airport. It happens all the time.

The good news is that your dining options at Sea-Tac are better than ever. Eater Seattle runs down the new lineup in a post called Where to Eat at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. As Eater says:

Sea-Tac lags behind other airports in the food game, but it’s beefing up its offerings now, slowly but surely bringing in a slew of exciting local options, like Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Skillet, and Li’l Woody’s burgers. The best new bets at the moment are Rel’Lish Burger Lounge (B Gates) and vegetarian Floret (intersection of Concourses A and B). It’s all part of a massive overhaul that will see a total of 135 new dining and retail options at the airport, though timelines remain vague.

As Jeanne Ashley and I discovered on a recent trip to the airport (see below), if you've got time for a leisurely sit-down meal and a cocktail -- with a big view of the planes coming and going -- Anthony's Restaurant and Fish Bar is your spot in the Central Terminal. I'm also a big fan of Vino Volo wine bars -- a chain, but always a nice quiet oasis in a crowded terminal, and the food's pretty good.

If you're a vegetarian (like me, mostly) or just want an alternative to the usual airport fast food, try Floret -- it's a spinoff of the legendary Cafe Flora in Seattle's Madison Valley neighborhood. It's a nice sport for a sit-down meal, and their take-and-fly options are healthier than the typical fare.

And oh, I love me some Kathy Casey! The clever and creative Seattle chef has added to her Sea-Tac empire. Dish D'Lish is still going strong in the C Concourse -- maybe the best breakfast spot at Sea-Tac. But now she's opened Rel'Lish Burger Lounge near the B gates. In Eater's words:

Six burgers sport eyebrow-raising toppings like cheddar ale spread and hot Cheetos or banh mi fixings, while the excessive cheeseburger-inspired soup is heaped with fries and pickles. There are also breakfast sandwiches and other items for early travelers, plus wine, beer, and cocktails, like the Rel’Lish Bloody Mary made with Oola’s Aloo vodka and garnished with a pickled Washington green bean, asparagus, and pepper — pepperoni straw optional. 

True. It's really good.

Lots more to choose from, and although Sea-Tac isn't best-of-class as far as airport dining, we're getting there.

Read the whole story here. safe travels, and bon apetit!​

PS . . . . 

By the way, through this holiday season, you can go online and get a pass from the TSA that will allow you to go through the security checkpoint and just hang out at Sea-Tac without actually flying anywhere. If you plan ahead, you can accompany family members right to the gate or greet Aunt Lois from Cleveland as she steps off the plane. Jeanne and I spent an action-packed afternoon at the airport when they began this pilot program, and you can watch our adventures here: