WFH? Break up the monotony by looking out of other people's windows

If you've been stuck in the same surroundings for three months, check out the view from other people's windows, all around the world.

July 16, 2020
View through a beautiful window

runna10 /iStock / Getty Images Plus

You're working from home. You're tired of the same old surroundings. I get it. Me too.

Keep in mind that we do live in a beautiful place, so the view out the window of your home office day after day might be tedious to you, but riveting to someone from somewhere else in the world. And vice versa.

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That's the idea behind WindowSwap: People all over the world shoot video through a window in their home and share it with the planet.

I've seen a lush forest where rain is pouring down in India. I've seen a cat sitting on someone's desk looking out at what looks like a sweltering cityscape in Doha, Qatar.  I've seen a mundane cityscape from a flat in London, complete with a red double-decker bus passing by. And I've seen someone's backyard swimming pool in St. Louis. (It looks pretty humid there. You can just tell.)

The site gives you easy instructions on how to shoot and upload a 10-minute video of the view out your window (including the inside window frame, so you get a little glimpse into the living quarters of people all over the globe.) 

Here's some background on the people and the concept behind the site from CNN.

And that website is

Maybe you'll look at the view from your own house in a whole new way!

Oh, just FYI -- that picture at the top of the page is, sadly, NOT my view. Here's mine:

View out my window