Inspiration for Bourbon & Bacon Fest: Cooking with brown spirits

You can pair bourbon with food, or you can actually use bourbon to PREPARE food. Here are some brilliant recipes to try

January 23, 2019
Bourbon glasses

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If you're thinking about joining us for Bourbon & Bacon Fest 2019, I'm going to assume that you're a fan of pairing bacony noshes with various varieties of silky brown nectar -- bourbon, of course, or maybe Scotch, or rye . . . there are plenty of possibilities. We'll explore them together on March 9 at the Seattle Design Center.

But there's another way to pair bourbon and bacon, or steak, or brisket, or even pie (not kidding!) -- in a recipe that includes brown liquor as an actual ingredient. Check out Cooking With Whiskey: 6 Recipes That Use Bourbon, Scotch, and More. It's on the website Fatherly, so clearly they know that we dads need some culinary options beyond mac 'n' cheese.

I mean, seriously -- how does this sound? Pan Roasted Steak with Four Roses Deglaze. Chili with Campfire Whiskey. Seared Scallops with a Cracked Pepper Jack Daniels Whiskey Cream Sauce. Brisket with Bourbon. . I love the sound of all of them, and if past experience is any indication, you're going to sample similar genius combos of spirits and snacks at Bourbon & Bacon Fest. 

So, the big takeaway here: Yes, you can easily pair bourbon and other spirits with innovative noshes containing bacon or other delights, and your taste buds will thank you. But even more incredible flavors result when the spirits are baked into the cake (or the Apple Pie and Whipped Cream with Scotch, in this case.)

I hope you can be there to experience what these creative chefs and diligent distillers come up with this time around! Get your Bourbon & Bacon Fest tickets now so you don't miss out! There's a day session and a night session on March 9 at the Seattle Design Center, and a couple of price points. See you there!