Countdown to Father's Day: Gifts for the Foodie Dad

Does the dad in your life make magic happen in the kitchen? Here are some gifts to help encourage that

June 11, 2018
dad cooking

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If Dad's a foodie/chef/gourmet, or thinks he is, Father's Day shopping is going to be a breeze this year.

When I was a kid, our family would take a long summer vacation at a cabin on a lake in northern Michigan and our dad would give my mother a break by doing all the cooking for the three or four week duration of the trip. Back then, I'm sure it was more unusual than it is today for a man to be making meals for his family.

And you know how us guys are -- we like our gear, our tech, our stuff.

So if you've got a dad who likes showing off in the kitchen, I found a great list at -- Father's Day Gifts for your Foodie Dad

First things first: How do you know if you have a Foodie Dad? According to this article, here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Is he keen to food fads and knows the latest food trends before you do? Foodie dad.
  • Can he recommend a local restaurant and knows the menu top to bottom? Foodie dad.
  • Is he well-versed in cooking styles and techniques? Foodie dad.
  • Is he already planning dinner while eating lunch? Foodie dad.
  • Is he adventurous and up for trying any and all wild menu items you wouldn't dare try? Foodie dad.
  • Does he have too many cookbooks for all types of cuisine to count? Foodie dad.
  • Does he think cooking is an art? You, my friend, have a foodie dad.

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then you're looking at the right shopping list.  I mean . . .Yoda cutting board for the kitchen? Check. Big box of meat for your carnivore dad? Yup.  Barbecue rubs from different states (because the right rub makes all the difference?) Covered. A $400 home beer-brewing machine? Um . . . . maybe.

Check out this assortment of Foodie Dad's Day gifts and see what looks good. Hopefully you'll be the beneficiary of his culinary genius!