Countdown to Father's Day: Gifts for the hard-to-buy-for dad

If the dad in your life is "the man who has everything," this batch of gifts from GQ magazine might do the trick

June 13, 2018
Dad opening a gift

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Forget the "World's Greatest Dad" BBQ apron. You can do better than that this year!

When I need a dose of all things manly -- clothes, accessories, tools, tech, culture -- I turn, of course, to GQ magazine. Doesn't every man? No? (Okay,, well it's my job to read GQ. I'm on the radio.)

Anyway. This particular article from GQ might be helpful -- 23 Father's Day Gift Ideas for All the Impossible-to-Shop-For Dads Out There. Maybe after however many years, you feel as if you've exhasted every possiblity when it comes to Father's Day gifts. Time for a reset.

With this list, GQ promises:

" . . . this is the year you’ll finally catch him off-guard with a father's day gift so indelible, so perfectly him, he’ll have no choice but to react with genuine surprise and unhideable, wholly discernible delight. We journeyed to the furthest reaches of the e-commerce universe to bring you these 23 can’t-miss father's day gift ideas for dads of all ages, interests, and general levels of stodginess."

As you might expect, these items aren't the cheapest gifts you'll find for Dad. But they're pretty cool. 

For instance . . .

A Faribault Woolen Mill Trapper wool throw, because "All dads love a nap." (That'll run you $140, BTW.)

A Michael Kors "Lexington" watch. This thing is wicked  -- all blacked out, like something a Navy Seal would be sporting. It's $275.

A Filson 4-piece grill set. Dad needs to lose that rusty old spatula and up his grill game. Plus, it's Filson -- from Seattle! ($110, but maybe the last grill tool set he'll need. And they look super cool.)

Premier Edition Scrabble. I know, I know, he can just play Scrabble on his phone. But this actual board game version is framed in wood. The tile racks are metal. It looks vintage. They sell it at Restoration Hardware, where everything looks vintage. And, it's $225.

So you can see already, this is a collection of high end gifts. But hopefully you're dealing with a high end Dad here! 

Check out the entire list, and . . . Happy Father's Day!