Countdown to Father's Day: Grooming Gifts for Dad

Guys get into ruts with our grooming techniques. Help Dad change it up with one of these grooming gift ideas.

June 12, 2018
Man shaving

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Chances are the dad in your life is in a rut with his grooming routine.

I'm a man, and a dad, so I know  . . . shaving cream, razors, fragrance, you name it -- once we guys find a product or a routine we like, we get in the habit and stick with it. So let's change it up!

I found a great list of 20 Useful Grooming Gifts to Get Dad for Father's Day courtesy of the website Business Insider. A few highlights:

A Dollar Shave Club subscription. How great to have everything he needs come right to the house. There's nothing quite like the pleasure of that first shave with a fresh, sharp, razor blade, and this is how you guarantee he'll always have that feeling.

Create his own personalized cologne. Fragrance is so personal . . . .but with Hawthorne for Men, Dad fills out a little survey and for a pretty reasonable price he gets back a fragrance designed just for him and his profile. And you get to be around a great-smelling guy.

Help Dad keep (or recapture) that youthful glow on his face with the Mavericks Face Kit. Three simple parts: Protect with a hydrating SPF30 lotion, Wash with a minty fresh cleaner, and  Rebuild, with a rejuvenating Vitamin A cream for overnight. Easy! (A little pricey at $89, but hey -- it's Dad!)

There's a whole list of serious grooming products that might be right for the dad in your life. Just make sure he understands that you don't think he's doing it wrong or he looks scruffy -- you just want him to have the best products so he can look his very best.

Happy Father's Day!