This high-profile Seattle musician wants you to help him save the Showbox

Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard tells you what you can do to save the iconic Seattle concert music venue

August 9, 2018
John Fisher with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab

Sherry Alaghehband

Ben Gibbard is the front man for one one of Seattle's most successful bands, Death Cab for Cutie. And he's taken on the mission of being one of the most high-profile champions of the iconic music venue the Showbox, which as you might have heard is slated to be demolished so a Canadian developer can build a 44-story apartment tower on First Avenue in downtown Seattle. (Here's the story.)

When Ben stopped by the Sound studio this week, he told me his band Death Cab had played the Showbox between 20 and 25 times over the years. "The Showbox is one of a very small handful of clubs of its kind in this country. There's the Fillmore in San Francisco, First Avenue in Minneapolis where Prince got his start, the 9:30 Club in D.C. . .  I mean, these are special, unique, historic places, and we have our very own version of that here in Seattle."

Ben has already appeared before Seattle City Council to plead the case for expanding the Pike Place Market Historical District across First Avenue to include the Showbox, which would essentially protect the building from redevelopment, at least temporarily. He urged Seattle residents to reach out to their City Councilmember and Mayor Jenny Durkan before the council votes on the measure this Monday, August 13.  "Time is absolutely of the essence right now."

Here's my convo with Ben:

Here's the contact information for each Seattle City Councilmember and Mayor Jenny Durkan.

And here's a petition that's very easy to sign online urging Seattle City Council to include the Showbox in the Historical District.

This is important -- thanks for helping!