How to take charge of your summer so you get rejuvenated

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves -- is it possible to work, deal with kids out of school, have fun and enjoy your summer? This expert says yes

July 19, 2018
Woman in a hammock

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Most of us don't get the entire summer off like schoolkids, so we have to "design" the summer we want.

At least that's what one "happiness expert" says in this story. Gretchen Rubin says you need to do a few things to maximize your summer, make it feel different from the rest of the year, and give yourself a rejuvenated feeling when summer's over.

How do you do that? Her suggestions include avoiding the trap of bigger, better more extravagant vacations. You'll never win that competition, and you might actually unwind more if you give yourself a "staycation" and just kick it at home. Gretchen says you should create summertime rituals like having friends over for lemonade once a week, or getting to a few outdoor concerts, or just making time to enjoy the sunset as often as you can.

A couple of other reminders: You don't have to say "yes" to every single summertime invitation for a barbecue or am outing on a sailboat or a weekend pool party. Learn how to manage your time and only spend your energy on things you really want to do.

Some good reminders -- it's your summer; design it so it does you the most possible good . . . for you

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