It's going to be a great autumn if you get to these fall festivals around the Sound

Summer's winding down, Labor Day is behind us, but Fall means a whole new slate of festivals for you and your family

September 4, 2018

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It's almost autumn! Let's celebrate! Okay, maybe that's not exacly how you feel about summer ending, but fall can be so beautiful around the Sound (at least when the sun is shining) and there are a whole bunch of annual festivals that can ease your transition into the, uh . . . . darker, damper months of the year.

Red Tricycle Seattle has a perfect rundown of 20 fall festivals to put on your calendar. A few of my favorites:

Of course, the Washington State Fair has begun, and there's no more authentic Pacific Northwest fall experience than "The Puyallup," as we used to call it. Live music, animals, games, and of course, scones. It's a classic.(Through September 23.)

Festa Italiana at Seattle Center, September 29 and 30. It's a celebration of Italian arts, culture, and -- most importantly -- food. Just follow your nose when you get a whiff of garlic. Musicians and opera singers come from Italy just to be a part of this weekend, so it's the real deal.

Leavenworth Oktoberfest, October 5-6, 12-13 & 19-20. I'm not sure whose idea it was years ago  to morph this sleepy mountain town into a miniature Bavaria, but I love it. It's kitschy, sure, but who can turn down a brat and a giant schooner of fresh German brew in the crisp fall air? And if you opt to stay overnight, you can actually parktake in some pretty somphisticated dining these days, or do some wine- or spirits-tasting, or just put on a Tyrolean hat and go full Munich for a weekend.

Here's the whole list. Let's embrace autumn this year!