Too much Halloween candy in your house? Turn it in for cash!

Dentists all around the Sound are buying back Halloween candy and donating it to our troops overseas

November 1, 2018
Dawson and his candy

John Fisher (Because he's my son!)


I don't know about you, but we have a giant mountain of candy in our house. The idea of my seven-year-old son (pictured above) eating it all, piece by piece, day after day, until he's gobbled up every last Butterfinger and Sweet Tart, is scarier than anything I saw on Halloween night. Well here's an idea that might convince your kid to give up some of that Halloween haul: bribery!

Dentists all around the Sound are buying back Halloween candy by the pound. Kids get the money, and the candy goes to our American troops stationed overseas. (I have no idea if candy is the thing our troops need the most, but that's not my problem -- I'm just glad there's a way to get it out of our house!)

The always on-top-of-it people at Red Tricycle Seattle have put together a list of dentists who will buy back your candy. Starting the day after Halloween and on into the weekend, there are dentists everywhere from Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, and Green Lake, to Bellevue, Monroe, Federal Way, Burien, and Enumclaw who will pay a buck or two per pound and take that candy off of your hands. 

I guess you could sneak it out of the house while your children are in school, or you could involve them in a few different teaching moments about good citizenship, healthy nutrition, patriotism, good dental hygiene, and even capitalism. That's up to you!

Here's the list of participating dentists. Good luck!