Happy Burger Day! Here's where to celebrate around the Sound

Dick's won a recent Seattle Times Best-burger poll, but there are a LOT of other exquisite burgers around here

August 23, 2018
Juicy burger

© Marazem | Dreamstime.com

I'm not sure why, but August 23 is National Burger Day. I'm not even sure it's official, because there seem to  be two Burger Days on the calendar, and the other one's in May. But is there ever really a bad time to celebrate the culinary perfection that is the almighty hambuger?

You might have seen a recent multi-round competition in the Seattle Times, complete with brackets like the Final Four, to determine Seattle's Best Burger once and for all (or until the next time somebody does the same thing.)

After a lot of suspense, the people's choice for the winner of that title went to Dick's Drive-In, Seattle's beloved local mini-chain. Some snobs thought Dick's was too common, too low-fi, to earn the coveted title of Best Burger, but hey -- the people spoke, and a lot of us from all walks of life do love us some Dick's Deluxe, right?

The truth is we have an abundance of ways to achieve burger nirvana around here, from simple to spectacular, some with more exotic meats than the typical beef, and some with no meat at all. If you check out the initial bracket for that Times poll, I think you'll find that pretty much any of those 32 spots would be worth a visit. They all make masterpieces in their own way.

HOWEVER, I'll tell you my favorite burger around the Sound, and until someone proves otherwise, this is abolutely the one for me. 

You need to go to Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, but not the core of the area with the quirky shops near the Fremont Cut -- you head about a mile north of the Fremont Bridge to Uneeda Burger at 4302 Fremont Ave.North. It's uber casual there, and often crowded. You order at the counter, grab a table, and wait. But it's worth the wait, because you are ordering the #9 Medi-terra. It's a lamb burger with charred peppers and onions, manchego cheese, tempura lemons, arugula, and cilantro. And it rocks. Everything on the menu at Uneeda is pretty epic but  belie ve me when I tell you -- the Medi-terra is the one.

Now I have to tell you that we're not big meat eaters in our house. My wife and I are, oh . . . . 85% vegetarian. She has a website filled with amazing vegan and veggie menu ideas called Eat Like A Yogi, so you can imagine it doesn't offer a lot of burger recipes, let alone lamb burger recipes. (Okay, it doesn't offer any.) But we both believe that once in awhile, if we pick thoughtfully, it's not the end of the world to indulge our carnivorous sides. And this is the way to do it.

So no matter where you celebrate or what you eat to do it, Happy Burger Day!