Here's a crazy curveball for fans of tasty sliders -- go vegetarian!

Like any other food, sliders are versatile enough to make vegetarians happy too

March 8, 2018
Veggie slider

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We're super stoked about Sip+Slide on April 7 at the Fremont Foundry. But are sliders only for carnivores? Nope!

Just because you don't eat anything with eyes doesn't mean you can't savor the wonders of a well-made slider. Pictured above is a vegetarian tofu carrot burger slider; the recipe for a version of that is here. Or try these 7-ingredient veggie sliders. Or these veggie sliders with mushrooms and mint-pea pesto. In fact, why don't you just check out this video and find a veggie recipe that works for you:

Sip+Slide is April 7 at Fremont Foundry -- Northwest brews, ciders, and all kids of sliders and other small bites that pair nicely with those beverages. And it all benefits Treehouse, a great organization that gives a leg up to kids in foster homes. See you there!