Here's how much alcohol you're supposed to be drinking. (Surprise! It's less than you thought)

A new study says drinking guidelines are too loose in many countries

April 13, 2018
People drinking

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Uh oh. I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but we might be drinking too much alcohol.

You've seen those government recommendations about alcohol consumption, right? Women are supposed to have no more than seven drinks a week, and men are supposed to limit themselves to 14 drinks each week. (That never seemed fair to women, but I guess science says women metabolize alcohol differently than men, and in general women's bodies are smaller than men's.) Those are the U.S. guidelines -- some countries, like Spain, have even higher recommended limits of, like, 20 drinks a week. Which does seem kind of high.

Well now they're saying that a 40-year-old man who drinks the current U.S. recommended maximum is setting himself up to live a year or two less than a man who has no more than seven drinks per week. The good news is that heavy drinkers are less likely to have heart attacks. But this research found that heavier drinkiers are at a higher risk for stroke, heart failure and other problems, mostly because alcohol can elevate blood pressure and alter cholesterol levels.

How about if we all just take it slow -- because I've noticed for a lot of people, having one drink loosens your inhibitions and impairs your judgement so you say, "sure, how about another round?" And that's how the trouble starts.

You can read more about this new study here. And howevery much you choose to drink, let's all agree -- no drinking and driving, okay? Okay.