Hey hikers -- now you can ditch your car and hitch a ride to the trailhead

A local shuttle service will take you to and from favorite hiking spots along I-90

April 9, 2018
Hikers in the forest

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Everybody wants to hike the trails of the PNW in spring and summer. The problem is that everybody wants to park at the trailhead, too.

Well, once again this year a service called Trailhead DIrect will take the hassle out of hunting for a parking space when you'd rather be on your feet and hking a trail in the Cascades.If your'e heading to Mount Si, the Issaquah Alps, or Mailbox Peak to do some hiking, you'll soon be able to grab a ride on this shuttle from various transit centers in Seattle and the Eastside (Bellevue and Issaquah) and leave the driving -- and the parking -- to the pros.

Seattle Curbed has the full story, but they say:

One route runs from the Mount Baker station to trailheads in the Issaquah Alps like Poo Poo Point. A second route runs from the Capitol Hill station to Mount Si and Mount Teneriffe. Both make a few extra stops along the way to pick up passengers at park and rides or other central locations. The Issaquah Alps route starts service April 21; the bus to Mount Si starts a month later on May 19. Vans have capacities of either 19 or 27, and each can carry two bikes.

And how much will you pay for this time- and gas-saving service? That's the good part -- regular off-peak King County Metro fares applay to the shuttle, which means you pay a paltry $2.50 each way! Let's be honest, when your intention is to get away from civilization and commune with nature, and you're sparring with dozens of other SUV-driving nature lovers with the same idea, vying for the last precious parking space at the trailhead, it doesn't feel super green. This may be the solution for you. And you never know when you might meet a new hiking buddy on the bus.

Here's the website for the service.

And the full story on Seattle Curbed.