How about a family spring break staycation in a Seattle hotel?

Skip the airport and the long lines at theme parks, and hang out in your own city

April 10, 2018
Luxury hotel pool

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Spring break: A time to herd the family to the airport, onto a plane, into a rental minivan, and to the back of long lines at a theme park.

Or, how about saving yourselves a lot of the hassle of travel -- and a lot of the expense, too -- by staying around here?  Depending on the ages of your kids, I guarantee a couple of nights away at a nice hotel in Downtown Seattle will go a long way toward scratching that itch for travel and adventure, especially if the hotel has a pool for the kids and a fitness center for you.

There's something decadent about being a tourist in your own city. And speaking for myself, I know my kindergartener thinks staying in a hotel is about the coolest thing ever, whether it's on Maui or in the heart of Seattle: The view from up high, the mini-fridge stocked with sodas and treats, a room-service meal, maybe watching a movie in bed, and in many cases, the pool.

The family website Red Tricycle has a nice guide to six places to stay in town that should tick off most of the boxes for family fun in Seattlle. Their top recommendations: The Fairmont Olympic, Hotel Monaco, the Maxwell Hotel, the Westin Seattle, the Four Seasons, and, if you're up for a bit more of a drive, Alderbrook Resort & Spa on Hood Canal. True, these places are all on the high end of things, but you didn't pay for airfare or airport parking or  a rental car, and you don't need to stay for a week to feel as if you had a real getaway. Many hotels have programs and amenities just for kids, too.

Check out the full llist and the details here, and think about a last-minute staycation. It's a sane way to do spring break -- or a family getaway any old time!