How to end your kid's screen time without a fight -- it works!

One simple technique gets your kid to put down the phone without a struggle

February 26, 2018
Kid with a phone

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As the parents  of a six-year-old son, one of our biggest challenges is to get him to surrender the screen.

Whether it's the TV, a phone, the iPad, or a video game, it's clear he's in a different reality when he's engaged with a screen, and ripping him out of that trance is tough. But I found a solution in this article on

You should read the whole story, but the basic concept is "build a bridge." And I'm here to tell you that with our very intense and stubborn kid, it works.The idea is that instead of just yelling at the child to give up the phone or turn off the TV, you need to set aside a tiny bit of time -- just a couple of minutes is usually enough -- and sit down next to him. Engage with him about what's on the screen. Ask questions. "Are those purple robots the bad guys? How many levels have you mastered? Why is that fire engine in the swimming pool?"

Most kids love explaining stuff to their parents, and showing off how much they know about the world they're inhabiting. Once you start to get a little dialogue going, you've cracked the barrier that made it impossible to get through to the kid, and you're actually easing them gently back into the real world.

I swear, so far, it's worked. I've tried it, my wife has tried it, and our son seems a lot more present once we get him back into full consciousness.

Read the article. Try it. And let me know if it worked for you!