How Pike Place Chowder is keeping seafood sustainable

We love the bounty of seafood from our local waters. Here's how Larry Mellum of Seattle's Pike Place Chowder is helping to insure that the supply will be sustainable for future generations to enjoy

July 22, 2019
Sockeye salmon

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We love our seafood here in the Northwest, but deep down inside we know there's not necessarily an unlimited bounty of aquatic life out there. Larry Mellum knows that better than most of us -- he's the owner and founder of Seattle's award-winning Pike Place Chowder. In 2018, Larry and Riley Starks (founder of the Salish Center for Sustainable Fishing Methods) launched the non-profit Sustainable Seafood Celebration. SSC’s mission:

. . . to raise awareness of the fruits of the Salish Sea – encouraging efforts to keep our local waters healthy despite rapid population growth; rebuilding healthy populations of wild salmon from the Salish Sea; supporting the survival of the Orcas, and highlighting the successful results of good policy and responsible management. 

Larry stopped by the Sound studios and filled me in on how this all works, and told me about some of the fun and important SSC events coming up. Note that there/'s a change to one of the events, as Larry explains:

We had to move our event, the Pink Salmon derby, to Everett at the 10th St. Boat Launch.  It will be held the same date, Aug. 24th.  It’s an all-day event.  We couldn't hold it on Elliot Bay as planned because the fishing season there has been limited to Aug 1st and 2nd -- the Pink Salmon will not have arrived by then. Our event is called Paddle-for-the-Pinks.  There is a $25 entry fee, kids are free. Everyone participating will receive a pink, Paddle-for-the-Pinks t-shirt, we’ll have awards, a raffle and food.  People can enter by going to

Learn more about Sustainable Seafood Celebration and our friends at Pike Place Chowder

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