Playing an office lottery pool? Do these five things

With the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots so huge, you and your coworkers might be going in together on tickets. Here are a few things to keep in mind

October 18, 2018
Office lottery winners

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With a Mega Millions jackpot of almost a billion bucks, and a Powerball jackpot approaching half a billion, you might be tempted to partner up with your coworkers to make a bulk ticket purchase and increase your chances of winning. Personally, I'm so selfish that I just want to buy my own and keep all the money myself, but if you and the people you work with think you have a system that improves your odds, go for it -- but keep a few important things in mind, because if you don't have things worked out ahead of time and you do happen to win, things could get unpleasant.

Forbes has some good tips in 5 Rules if you Play an Office Lottery Pool. What's the problem?

While playing in an office lottery pool can be fun and exciting for a group of co-workers . . . the feelings of camaraderie and excitement often turn to anger and lawsuits after a big win. The most common disputes? Someone will claim that they personally purchased the winning ticket and that it was not part of the office pool or someone who has played in the past didn't the week of the win but feels they should have still been included. When there is a dispute, the money can be tied up for months or years while the issues get resolved.

Their five tips include naming a leader, creating a contract among the players and making it public, making copies of the tickets and keeping the tickets safe.

Here's the full story from Forbes.

And I'll just add this tip: If you and your crew do win, feel free to gloat and celebrate, but do buy the rest of us a nice lunch, okay?

Good luck!