Halloween candy buybacks around the Sound -- where to take your leftover treats

Fewer cavities for kids, more treats for the troops! Dentists all over the Seattle area will buy back your kids' candy and get it to people who can use it

November 1, 2019
Halloween candy

jenifoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Here's a great way to cut back on tummy aches, tooth decay, and hyper kids bouncing off the walls from a sugar high . . . and teach children a lesson about compassion and generosity, too. A whole bunch of dentist offices around the Sound will buy back Halloween candy from kids and see that it gets to our country's troops, veterans, local charitable organizations, shelters, food banks . . . . anywhere but your kid's mouth.

The organization that's best known for funneling Halloween goodies to our troops is Operation Gratitude; they've made it their mission to deliver care packages to troops and veterans year 'round.

This story: Cash for Candy! Where to Find This Year’s Halloween Candy Buy Backs tells you where to find a participating dentist in any direction -- north, south, east, west or central Seattle -- where you can drop off the treats. You may find other locations or organizations near you that are also accepting candy donations. For instance, in my 'hood, the West Seattle Y will get your goodies to the troops.

Whichever way you go, it seems like a great way to teach kids a little lesson in thinking about the world around them and about the needs of others. Thanks for your generosity!