How to listen to 94.1 The Sound on your TV with an Xfinity remote

If you're hunkering down at home with no radio in the house, and no smart speaker, your TV could be your ticket to Relaxing Favorites

April 30, 2020
John and his remote

It's a selfie

Let's say you're spending all your time at home. Actually, you probably are spending all your time at home. Do you have a radio in your house? A lot of people don't anymore.

Lots of us have smart speakers, like the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) or Google Home, but lots of us don't. So what's the next easiest way to listen to 94.1 The Sound? Thanks to a new feature that's built into the Xfinity X1 platform, now you can use your voice remote to pull up on your TV, then play The Sound (and hundreds of other stations and podcasts and stuff) all on your TV. 

How do you do it? Easy-peasy. Here's written instructions from Xfinity, and here's my easy-to-follow video tutorial: