It's a great weekend to relax outdoors around the Sound

It's the Red, White & Relax Weekend on The Sound. Most of the boom-boom is over, so how about a quiet retreat into nature today?

July 5, 2020
Woman admiring the scenery

AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Most of the firecrackers have been blown up. The actually Fourth of July is behind us. How about some peace and quiet?

10 Ways to Relax in Nature and Stress Less is from the American Heart Association. It's pointers on the simplest and quickest ways to get yourself away from civilization and into nature, and what to do when you get there.

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Savor the scenery? Check. Wander the wilderness? Why not? Pack a picnic? Great idea. You're not going to see anything shocking on this list, but you're going to get the itch to get outdoors. 

So where should you actually go? Glad you asked.

The Best Day Hiking Near Seattle sends you to gorgeous spots within an hour or two of downtown Seattle. Mount Si in North Bend, Mount Pilchuck in Granite Falls, Squak Mountain near Issaquah . . . we're SO lucky to have these and lots of other easy-to-reach spots right here in our own backyard. 

The Red, White & Relax Weekend on The Sound is all about taking a breather from the noise and the news. Breathe deep in these beautiful places and you'll come home rejuvenated.

Have fun, and stay safe!