Coming this Sunday: Run Of Hope benefitting Seattle Children's Hospital

Like everything else this year, it's a little different, but you can still participate in Run Of Hope, or at least support someone who's running or walking this Sunday

September 21, 2020
Run Of Hope crowd last year

Seattle Children's Hospital

If you're a runner, or an enthusiastic walker, I've got a 5K for you this weekend.

But first, a quick story about Seattle Children's Hospital.

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I've said this on the air many times: There are very few parents around the Sound who haven't had some experience with Seattle Children's Hospital

My own trip to Children's was when my son was maybe 5 years old. He awoke in the middle of the night crying and complaining that his tummy hurt. His mother and I immediately figured, "Well, that's it. It's appendicitis,"  and off we went, from West Seattle to the ER at Children's in the middle of the night. 

Spoiler alert: It wasn't appendicitis, and as first-time parents, we felt a little sheepish, but we felt so cared for, so respected, and Dawson felt so safe and comfortable in the strange environment of a hospital that he still reminisces about the whole thing.

SO now to the present day. This Sunday, September 27 at 10:00am, is the annual Run Of Hope to benefit Seattle Children's.

The Run of Hope Seattle is a 5k run or walk to raise money and awareness for pediatric brain tumor research at Seattle Children's Hospital.  As you might guess, like everything else in 2020, things are a little different this year. That picture at the top of the page, with everybody all crammed together and no masks, is not what it's going to look like in 2020.

This year, they'll be hosting a virtual event so all of their patient families, friends, and supporters can safely participate from anywhere in the world. 

On the day of the event, they're going to do a live Zoom program from Seward Park, so you can still feel like you're all in this together.

The advice from the organizers:

Plan your race, get your virtual cheering squad together, and have some fun on Sunday, September 27th!

There are multiple ways you can get involved in the Run of Hope Seattle 2020. You can donate money to a current fundraising team, helping them reach their personal goal that is part of the whole fundraiser’s higher goal. You can also register and start your own team for $35. Then you can work toward raising money with your family and friends. Registration ends Sept. 26 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

I'm a big supporter and believer in the mission of Seattle Children's, and as a parent, I can only say that the more pediatric brain tumor research that happens, the better.

If you agree, and you'd like an excuse to lace up the running shoes and do a 5K this weekend, click the link and go for it!

I and my happy, healthy son will be cheering for you.