How to watch "Hamilton" this weekend on Disney Plus

They're not doing a 7-day free trial on the streaming service, but it's easy to sign up without spending a ton of money so you can see the acclaimed musical

July 2, 2020
Hamilton on stage

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It was the biggest sensation on Broadway (and all around the country) in years, and pretty much everyone who saw it couldn't stop talking about it.  I saw a touring production at Seattle's Paramount Theatre and I had to admit, the fanatics who were raving about this thing were 100 percent right.

The writing and the hip-hop flavored music are so engaging, so brilliant, and the whole premise is so applicable to the world we're living in right now . . . I loved it, and I'm usually pretty skeptical about musicals.

"Hamilton" is a genius piece of musical theater, and it wasn't a big surprise that they'd do a film version with the original cast, including the show's creator/playwright/composer/producer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What did surprise everybody was that by the summer of 2020 nobody would be going to plays or movies because of that pesky global pandemic. So rather than waiting until some unknown date when they could release the film version of "Hamilton" in theaters, the producers opted for a streaming release on the new Disney Plus. The release date: July 3. In other words, this weekend.

If you're already a Disney Plus subscriber, you're good to go. If not, unfortunately, there's no 7-day free trial that would allow you to scam a free screening of the production, so you'll have to actually sign up and pay for the service. In other words, no freebies for this one.

The good news is that you can subscribe on a month-to-month basis for $6.99, and you can cancel anytime. So if you opt to sign up for Disney Plus right now, you'll get to see "Hamilton" when it drops, and you get a month to sample the rest of the offerings on D+ (as I like to call it) and decide whether it stays in rotation with your Netflix and Prime Video and all the rest. Or cancel and move on with your life.

Here's a handy story from the tech site c|net that lays it all out for you.

At the very least it's worth the $6.99 you'll pay for a month of Disney Plus, I can promise you. And although the live theater experience can be pretty exhilarating, at this point in time I like the idea of enjoying the best seat in the house without my fellow theater-lovers coughing or vying for my armrest.

Happy viewing!


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