Listen: Toto's lead singer talks "Africa" and cold burgers backstage

Joseph Williams will sing the hits when Toto plays Seattle's Moore Theatre on July 31

July 24, 2018
Rock band

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Ready to sing along with "Africa" while the actual band Toto is performing it?

You'll get the chance on Tuesday July 31 when Toto comes to Seattle's Moore Theatre. It'll be just the second stop on the band's "40 Trips Around the Sun" tour in honor of the band's 40th anniversary.

​I had a chance to chat with the band's lead singer Joseph Williams. As you'll hear, we covered a lot of ground, from what it's like to have 10,000 people singing "Africa" back at him as he sings it onstage, the band's pre-show ritual, the glamor of a cold burger on the tour bus after the show, and what he sang in Disney's animated film The Lion King.

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