Happy Love Your Pet Day!

In my house, every day is Love Your Pet Day, but today it's official

February 20, 2020
John & Hazel

I took it myself

It's pretty simple, really: You have a pet, you love it, period. The official description of Love Your Pet Day says:

Love Your Pet Day is a chance to show your cat, dog, tortoise or [insert other] how you really feel. Treats, pampering and all the attention that the little guy or gal can handle are a great way to celebrate!

I've been lucky enough to have a trio of amazing dogs over the last 25+ years of my life. My current four-legged friend is Hazel, a sort of a hound mix I adopted from VIPP, the animal rescue organization on Vashon Island, where I lived for awhile.

Hazel's beautiful face
John Fisher

There are times when I think that Hazel -- at a substantial 75 pounds, with her long legs and deafening hound "WOOF!" -- might be just a little too much dog for the city. But then I look into those eyes or hear her snoring on the other side of the bed in the middle of the night, and I can't imagine life without her.

If nothing else, I hope you take a minute today and just sit with your pet, give it a little love, or take it for a romp outside. People who don't "get" why we have dogs? I don't really trust them.

Happy Love Your Pet Day!