Last chance to support John in the 2020 Bike MS Ride

I'm riding so you don't have to! All I need is a few bucks from you to benefit the MS Society

September 15, 2020
John on a bike ride

F-Stop McFlashington

It's almost here! 

On Saturday, September 26, I'm joining thousands of others around the country for Bike MS. Unlike years past, when a whole swarm of cyclists all converged on a single route to ride the country roads way up in the north Sound, this year we're all on our own. We pick the length of the ride, we set our own goals for fundraising, and off we go.

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I'm riding with some of my radio brothers and sisters -- or rather, not riding with them, but committing to riding at the same time but on different routes. Taryn Daly and Miles Montgomery from 99.9 KISW, Matt McAllister from 100.7 The Wolf, and Dave Richards, who's kind of in charge of a bunch of stuff behind the scenes around here -- we all used to see one another every day when we all went to work in the same building, and we're all doing a ride.

My goal is 50 miles, which is ambitious for a casual weekend rider like me but doable (I hope.) And I'd like to raise $2,000 if I can.

I've supported the MS Society over the years, and I've done the actual ride a couple of times back in the day. But given the weird nature of the world we live in, I don't want to see them have to take their foot off the gas when it comes to working on this disease. So, I'm in this year.

Here's a look at why we're doing this:

I will be SO grateful if you can kick even a few bucks in for my ride. Really, truly -- no donation is too small. It all matters, and it powers me and inspires me as I train and prepare for the big event on Saturday, September 26.

Here's my donation page.

Thank you!