Meet The Sound's new morning show co-host, Jeanne Ashley

I was getting lonely all by myself in the Sound studio every morning, so now I have some company

October 30, 2018
Jeanne Ashley

Photo: Kenan Pekoz

Here's a fact: Doing a morning radio show is more fun when you're not the only person in the studio. While I love interacting with listeners every day, there's nothing like an in-person human being in the same room to have a real conversation with.

So after talking and meeting with many potential radio partners, I'm excited that Jeanne Ashley has made the long cross-country trek from Miami to Seattle (with her dog Teddy) to join me in the morning on The Sound.

Jeanne Ashley took this picture of her dog

I asked Jeanne to answer a few questions to give you a better idea of the woman behind the microphone:

What’s your favorite meal? Tomato sandwich. I know, it's not a meal, but I could (and do) eat one every day.

What’s your guilty pleasure snack? Pretzel Nuggets

What’s your coffee order? I do love a good cortadito (more or less a little Cuban latte -- an espresso shot, slightly sweet and  topped with steamed milk )

What was your first car? 1970 VW Beetle

What was the best concert you ever saw? Tie between Harry Connick, Jr. and Sting

What was your first job? Mucking stalls at a horse stable

Do you have an unusual talent? As a matter of fact, I do. I do Etch-A-Sketches :)

She's not kidding! Check it out:

Jeanne's Etch-A-Sketch
Jeanne Ashley
Jeanne's Etch-A-Sketch
Jeanne Ashley
Jeanne's Etch-A-Sketch
Jeanne Ashley

So not only is she fun to talk to and listen to; she's an Etch-A-Sketch Picasso! I hope you're as excited as I am to welcome Jeanne into our Sound family, and we'll be talking to you in the morning!