We love all kinds of dogs, but this fundraiser is just for boxers

Northwest Boxer Rescue is throwing a barbecue for boxers on Saturday

July 20, 2018

© Roughcollie | Dreamstime.com


Boxers are cool dogs, right? So a boxer fundraiser has got to be extra cool.

There’s a great organization in Woodinville called Northwest Boxer Rescue. Their mission:

Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) believes that every boxer deserves a chance to live a happy life in a loving home. Abandoned or homeless boxers will always find shelter, medical care and ultimately a new home through the efforts of NWBR.

Obviously, they need funding to accomplish that mission. And that’s where you come in. This weekend in Tacoma they’re putting on the Northwest Boxer Rescue Texas BBQ Fundraiser, Dessert Dash, and Silent & Live Auction. It’s on Saturday night at 5:00pm at the VFW Wild West Post 91, 2000 S Union Avenue in Tacoma. It’s a cheap ticket, kids are welcome (and free if they’re under 5, and it’s a great cause, because who doesn’t love a boxer? (Or as they say at NWBR, “everyone should have some wiggle butt.” Seriously – that’s what they say.)

Learn more about Saturday’s event and buy tickets here.

Have fun, and thanks for your support!