You can't sit in T-Mobile Park for M's games, but your cardboard cutout can

The next best thing to being there? The Mariners "Seat Fleet" lets you put your own life-sized cardboard cutout in the stands at T-Mobile Park

July 15, 2020
T-Mobile Park

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The shortened 60-game Major League Baseball season starts on July 23. The Mariners home opener is the following week, on Friday, July 31. The big difference between this weird season and any other season is that there won't be any fans in the stadiums. But that doesn't mean your smiling face can't be sitting in a seat at T-Mobile Park.

The Ms have come up with a genius idea: The Mariners Seat Fleet. Here's how they explain it on their website:

We're assembling a crew of personalized fan cutouts to help navigate the unknown waters of a 60-game MLB season.

Introducing the launch of the Mariners Seat Fleet! For just $30, you can purchase a recycle-friendly version of yourself that will sit in on all of the game action at T-Mobile Park this season while you're safe at home. Plus, the Mariners will donate a portion of every purchase to non-profit organizations supporting COVID-related relief efforts in our communities. What's more? If your cutout "catches" a foul ball during a game, we'll mail you the baseball!

It's easy to join the Mariners Seat Fleet. Just cut-out a few minutes of your day to upload your high-resolution photo, then tune into Mariners home games on ROOT SPORTS to find yourself in the T-Mobile Park stands.

Here's the page where you actually upload your picture, with some tips and rules about how to do it.

My only question is: Will they make my cutout extra-realistic by tossing a couple of Li'l Woody's burger wrappers and a stack of empty Manny's cups around my seat?


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