Yo Dawg -- Randy Jackson's back with Journey for Don't Stop Believin'

The band unveiled its new lineup at a benefit web performance, and Randy Jackson is playing bass

May 26, 2020
Playing bass

eugenesergeev / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Yo Dawg, that sounded a little pitchy. 

Randy Jackson, former American Idol judge and bass player for Journey for a couple of years in the 1980s, is back in the band. According to People, over the weekend Journey's guitarist, Neil Schon tweeted:

"Ok Friends word is out! @randyjackson RJ the Big Dawg is our new Bass player again ------," Schon, 66, wrote on Instagram, adding in another post, "The King is back ------ @randyjackson ----."

The band didn't waste any time showing fans what they could do. On Saturday night they played together from their homes for UNICEF Won't Stop, a benefit virtual concert. Around here, Journey was on the concert calendar for earlier in May -- they were supposed to open the season at The Gorge in a show with the Pretenders, but like everything else, it's been postponed. When, or if, it gets rescheduled, we'll definitely let you know about it.

Meanwhile, watch the newly-configured Journey rip through "Don't Stop Believin'" from this past weekend:

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